Get to Know Massy Arias

Our fearless leader and CEO of TRU Supplements, Massy Arias, recently dropped a Q&A video on her YouTube, where she dives into questions that are frequently asked by her tribe. 

On Massy’s YouTube you can find workout flows, mobility workouts, recipes for whole body nutrition and now you can get to know her with a Q&A session! If you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration today, give her video a listen.


Sometimes it may be challenging to stay motivated when life is throwing curve balls and speed bumps, but Massy is a perfect example of how a focused mindset and determination can lead to success. She advises those starting their fitness journey to start small and take time to educate themselves on how to make the transformation in a healthy and sustainable way. If you’re ready to begin your fitness journey, take Massy’s quiz to find out which program is the best fit for your goals.

Massy covers many topics her new video, including how she began her health and wellness journey and how fitness changed her life. She references a documentary that was made about her, which highlights her mental health and how she built herself from the ground up. The documentary is also very inspirational and might give you some insight on Massy’s story and how she was able to overcome her struggles with body image. Watch the doc here!



Massy also touches on her brand, TRU Training, and the values behind the company. She prioritizes the pillars of authenticity and integrity, and emphasizes the importance of being truly yourself, regardless of the boxes that people put you in.

The video contains advice for postpartum habits and how to cope with divorce as well. There are several nuggets of helpful info in Massy’s new video. Check it out and subscribe to her channel for more videos!

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