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Plant-Based Performance

My experience with TRU has been great! My order came today in the morning so I took the Multivitamins, Detox and the ACV with my biggest meal! I felt more energized that I usually do throughout the day!

Sheree B.

I got the birthday cake flavor and IT IS SO GOOD! I really like to just mix it with a small bit of water and eat it with a spoon! It’s like dessert!! I was a little nervous because I’ve never had a birthday cake flavor protein go well, so I was stoked that this tasted so good! I’m going to try the pumpkin spice flavor, next!

Stephanie H.

Hands down Tru has the BEST BCAAs on the market. Not only does it keep you from crashing in the gym and help with muscle soreness it actually TASTE AMAZING. There’s been times I settled for a product that worked but tasted Horrible. With Tru I don't Have that issue anymore, so glad I took The leap and gave them a try!

Diamond Y.


Research Corner

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