When you combine TRU Products with challenging workouts and healthy nutrition (such as the MA60 Day Challenge) the results you can achieve are nothing short of amazing! Here are a few TRU stories!

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KaLinda P. (Scott, Louisiana)

I utilized Tru Supplements (Tru Protein, Tru BCAAs, Tru Energy, Tru Metabolism, and the Tru Vitamin) throughout the MA60 challenge to enhance my results, and I was amazed by the outcome! One of my personal favorite products was the Tru Metabolism, a natural fat burner that didn't leave me feeling jittery or give me unwanted side effects. I love that Tru is a safe, clean brand that I can trust to give me effective results without harmful ingredients!

Rachel Higel

I had never heard of TRU before, but after a couple short weeks that all changed. I initially tried TRU because I followed Massy, now am TRU for life because of what is and is not in the products. Because of what the product stands for. Because it is all natural and not at all artificial. These are important to me as I watch what I put in my body. The biggest difference I noticed in TRU vs others is the number of ingredients. TRU has no fillers and every ingredient is something I know and can pronounce. This is HUGE for me. I'm a big label reader and I make it a habit to avoid ingredients I can't pronounce because they are super processed. I know what fuels me and that's real supplements with real ingredients. That's TRU! I drink TRU. I cook with TRU. I am TRU!

Brittany G. (Clayton, North Carolina)

I love the Tru Metabolism because it staves off cravings and makes helps with maximum fat burn. Prior to me taking metabolism, I was working hard but did not start to see maximum results until I included this product in my daily routine. As you can see from my pictures, my baby abs are starting to show and that’s with the help of Tru Metabolism. I love this product. Coupled with the ACV and a healthy lifestyle of eating the correct macros my results have been amazing. Thank you to Massy and her team of incredible staff from the social media experts, customer service and TRU supplements! 

Dyanna Q. (San Fransisco, California)

TRU Energy really helps me get the day started and gives me the energy to power through Massy’s workouts. I take it in the morning 30 minutes before fasted cardio, and it really gives me the energy to finish. I am very sensitive to caffeine so I’m so glad to find a product that doesn’t make me jittery or anxious. It also taste great with water, and it’s easy to drink. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs an extra pick me up in the morning!

Kimberly H. (Harvest, Alabama)

Using Metabolism, alongside the meal plan and 5 day a week workouts in the program, really helped me decrease the fat in my belly. The caffeine in Metabolism also gave me an extra boost of energy, but did not make me feel jittery at all. I was able to give up my coffee with all the sugar I put in it and still have the same energy boost I needed to get my day going. Metabolism helped improve the results I got from the MA60 program. I believe in Metabolism so much I bought it again to use during the MA45 program.