3 Ways to Get Ready for Summer

Summer is around the corner, and now is the perfect time to prepare for outdoor adventures, backyard barbecues and poolside parties. 

Having fun and spending time in community is just as important as the daily discipline that is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Transforming your life to a healthy, balanced one doesn't mean that you need to begin a harsh, restrictive diet or burn yourself out with hard workrouts and high expectations.

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with the decision to be your best self, even if that means making small sacrifices to cut out unhealthy habits. In the end, choosing to commit to a healthier you on a daily basis will make you FEEL good, and that’s what we truly want for all of our warriors.


Here are 3 ways to start thinking about your dream summer body and take small steps toward your goals.

  1.  Change your meal composition
    • You don’t have to completely cut out your favorite foods, you just need to be conscious of what is on your plate. Instead of skipping meals or cutting out carbs because you think they’re “bad”, find out what your individual body needs and plan meals accordingly to reach your body composition goals and find peace of mind with your diet.
    • If you’ve never calculated your macros to find out how much protein, fat and carbs your specific body needs, check out https://trumacros.com/
    • If you're overwhelmed, take it step by step, meal by meal. For example, eat whole foods as often as possible (fresh veggies and unprocessed foods), use a little less oil when cooking or add a protein powder to smoothies to make you feel full and make sure you're meeting your protein requirements. Our culture advertises ordering food from restaurants or fast food job joints for the sake of convenience. While there are some healthy options out there from restaurants, cooking for yourself will always be the best way to understand what the composition of your meal looks like.
    • A common misconception is that “getting toned” means losing body fat. While this is partially true, what actually brings a toned physique is building muscle! This could have a negative connotation for women whose goal is to lose weight, but building muscle is what brings that toned definition that women are looking for. Not only does building muscle make women stronger, it allows for more mobility and smoother functionality in everyday life. In order to build and maintain muscle, your body needs anywhere from 100 to 150 grams of protein per day. That’s a hefty amount! 
    • Having a game plan for consuming how many calories your body needs and knowing your body composition goals will help to establish a rhythm that will get you on track for reaching your dream physique. Check out TRU Training for more tips on healthy eating!
  2. Join the Summer Shape Up Challenge
    • If you’re ready to switch up your routine and commit to a program that will prepare your body for summer, this is it; the Summer Shape Up Challenge.
    • This challenge comes with a brand new meal plan, which, coupled with the workouts, will shred body fat and bring your body into calibration with its most optimized state. Our Summer Shape Up Bundle will also help you acheieve those summer shred results even faster.
    • Having  a structured workout plan and disciplined community will help you stay on track toward reaching your goals. Start the challenge with us on May 20th (you still have a one-week grace period until May 27th if you decide to join after May 20th!)
  3. Decrease alcohol consumption
    • We’re not saying to completely cut out alcohol in order to be successful, but we invite you to be mindful about what you’re consuming, whether that’s food, drinks, and even media and friendships. What feels good to consume? Being healthy FEELS good, and we want to remind you that choosing to go out with friends to catch up over a drink might be exactly what your soul needs.
    • If you do decide to drink, challenge yourself to choose an option with low sugar and a drink that is less processed. 
    • Choosing a healthy lifestyle and healthy body means taking action toward your health daily. If alcohol gives you a hangover that prevents you from getting a great workout in, then maybe consider having  a mocktail instead of introducing alcohol into your system.
    • If you’re feeling stressed and your instinct is to pick up a drink, try working out to bring a natural release of dopamine, catching up with an old friend on the phone or going for a walk. 

With these simple changes, you'll be on track to reaching your fitness goals faster. We're proud of you and excited to see how you transform this summer! Share your transformation photos with us on the TRU Training community site!

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