TRU Friendship Shakers

TRU Friendship Shakers

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One for you and one for your gym buddy! 

Our TRU Friendship Shakers are perfect for your TRU Protein, TRU BCAA, TRU Hydrate, TRU Energy, TRU Focus, or TRU Creatine!

🌱 Leak Proof Design - Uses the traditional screw on lid to prevent spills or leaks from happening! With a snug twist of the lid and the assuring 'snap' of the flip cap, you’re ready to roll!

🌱 Carry Loop - Awesome new convenient carry loop which is a handy way to carry around your bottle as well as clip keys to or even clip to your gym bag for better portability.

🌱 Stainless Steel Mixer Ball - This unique and patented mixer ensures a perfect mix for your shakes, every time. The mixer ball is dishwasher safe easy cleaning.