MÁS Box by Massy Arias

MÁS Box by Massy Arias

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This is my Massy Arias Stack - a beautiful, custom made box filled with the products that I love and use the most!

🌱 This stack includes:

 1 TRU Coconut Macaron Protein

✓ 1 TRU BCAA 30 Serving Pink Guava

✓ 1 TRU Metabolism

✓ 1 TRU Sport Shaker


Plant Protein - designed to help recover from my workouts and boost micronutrients with 20 Gm of protein and 27 vitamins and minerals.

BCAA’s - used to also help me recover from my workouts as well as has 1200 mg of L-carnitine that helps burn fat and stay lean.

Metabolism - your secret weapon to maintaining a leaner and meaner physique without crash diets, over exercising, or crazy gimmicks. No hype, just results.

TRU Shaker Bottle - simply shake and enjoy any of our powder style supplements!