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Staying properly hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and functioning at its very best. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population isn’t replenishing their body with what it truly needs.

In FACT, 75% of Americans are currently living in a perpetual state of chronic dehydration. What’s worse is that these numbers only reflect the general population. People who are extremely active could be experiencing even higher levels of chronic dehydration.

If you’re not properly hydrated you may experience a laundry list of health problems ranging from cardiovascular issues to fatigue, and even issues with overeating. 

Water is the most crucial element for human survival, but far too many people don’t drink enough of it.

I get it. Forcing yourself to consume gallons of unflavored water can be difficult and cumbersome for many people. But the good news is there’s plenty of ways to liven up your water’s flavor without adding calories.

Hi, I’m Sean Torbati. Oftentimes, people practice due diligence when it comes to various aspects of their health. They watch their diet, exercise regularly, minimize their drinking, etc.

Unfortunately, many people forget to do one critical thing when it comes to their health. They DON’T stay properly hydrated.  

That’s why we created TRU Hydrate. Formulated with a proper blend of electrolytes it’s designed to help you perform better, recover quicker, and maintain adequate levels of hydration all day long.

Let’s take a deep dive into this unique product and why it may be the one supplement you’ve been missing out on.

Why Do You Need Electrolytes?

You’ve probably heard of electrolytes and how they help maintain homeostasis within your body. They’re minerals that contain an electric charge when dissolved in liquids such as blood. Some of their bodily functions include:

  • Maintaining water balance in the body
  • Balancing pH levels in the body
  • Controlling nutrients/waste products to and from cells
  • Allowing vital organs such as the nerves, muscles, heart, and brain to work properly

The most common electrolytes are sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. In order to regulate these electrolytes, a fine balance must be maintained at all times. 

TRU Hydrate can assist you in reaching adequate hydration levels thereby increasing performance, preventing muscle cramping, and even assisting with fat loss. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the best electrolyte product on the market.


Your mother probably told you to drink your milk as a child. One of the reasons for this is milk’s abundance of calcium. As the most abundant mineral in the body, calcium is responsible for a number of functions including vascular contraction, vasodilation, muscle function, nerve transmission, intracellular signaling, and hormonal secretion (1).

Studies have shown calcium is the second most frequently imbalanced electrolyte. Calcium balance disorders were closely related to oncological diagnosis’ (2). High calcium levels have also been linked to cardiovascular disorders and electrical transmission pathway damage to the heart.

Calcium is a key electrolyte that can help prevent a number of health problems and disorders. 


Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals found in humans. It’s involved in more than 300 metabolic reactions in the body (3). The main biological functions of magnesium include maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, heart rhythm, blood pressure, immune system, bone integrity and blood glucose levels. 

Oftentimes, magnesium deficiencies can be associated with poor physical performance. A 12 week study was performed on 139 healthy women who were given 300mg of magnesium or a control dosage. Daily magnesium supplementation helped to improve physical performance significantly (4). 

Active individuals need to manage their electrolyte balance even more to help prevent dehydration and other derogatory side effects.


Sodium may be the most misunderstood of all electrolytes, but it plays a critical role throughout the body. It helps control fluid balance within the body and is even necessary for muscle and nerve function (5). 

Athletes are particularly at risk for excessive sodium loss. Excessive amounts of water and electrolytes are lost due to thermoregulatory sweating (6). In other words, you sweat out sodium when you exercise.

Lack of sodium in one’s diet has even been linked to an increased mortality risk based on 23 separate studies (7). The bottom line is the body can’t live without sodium so make sure you’re fueling your body with adequate amounts of it.


Muscle cramps are usually associated with some sort of potassium deficiency. There’s a reason why bananas are heralded as the cure for cramps—they contain potassium.

If you’re suffering from a potassium deficiency could be staring down health problems such as hypertension, kidney failure, or a range of negative cardiovascular side effects (8).

Supplementing with potassium regularly can help keep electrolyte imbalances within normal recommended ranges.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the clear liquid found within coconuts. It also happens to contain natural electrolytes including potassium, sodium, and manganese. When tested as a hydration source, coconut was found to be superior to water alone.

Eight healthy male volunteers exercised at a 60% VO2max level and lost nearly 3 kg of body weight. Compared to control groups, coconut water participants experienced less nausea, fullness, and better hydration levels (9).

A second study was done on four males and four females who were given tap water or coconut water over the course of four days. Urine specimens showed drastically increased levels of potassium, chloride, and citrate (10). Electrolyte levels can be replenished by regularly consuming coconut water.

What Makes TRU Hydrate Different?

TRU Hydrate was designed using natural flavors and sweeteners with no artificial coloring or sugar added. The zero calorie formula provides all-day hydration with a refreshing taste that allows you to maintain proper electrolyte balance so you can perform physically and mentally.

Why settle for conventional sports drinks filled with added sugar? TRU Hydrate provides double the amount of electrolytes compared to leading sports drink formulas. Proper hydration will make your workouts better, your energy levels higher, and even expedite fat loss.

STOP being like 3 out of 4 Americans suffering from chronic dehydration and START getting the hydration your body needs to function at its best.

Whether you’re in the gym or at the office, I want you to reach your peak potential. That’s why we started TRU Supplements, a company designed to give you everything your body needs with nothing else added.

Stay TRU to yourself and TRU to your body. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to me. My goal is to develop your body, mind, and soul in equal capacity.

Kindest regards,
Sean Torbati - PN Certified Nutritionist | EXOS Phase 3 Training Specialist   
Co-Founder, TRU Supplements 



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