Homemade Gatorade


There are a few essential nutrients that our bodies need to function, especially when we’re working out regularly. Electrolytes are one of them. After all, our bodies are 50-70% water, so intake of water is crucial in flushing toxins and keeping our cells operating at their highest level. Staying hydrated increases fat loss and energy levels while controlling appetite and aiding in digestion.

Gatorade has been the Number 1 sports drink for years, and we want to give you a simple, affordable, homemade recipe to replace Gatorade with ingredients that you can get from your grocery store (and TRU Supplements) to skip the added artificial flavoring and processed sugars.



We recommend taking Hydrate because it’s zero calories and contains electrolytes, magnesium, sodium and potassium with no artificial flavoring or colors. If you don’t have TRU Hydrate on hand, get yours here, or add salt and honey in this recipe in place of Hydrate. 

Coconut water is super healthy, but not all coconut water has the same health benefits. Look for a brand with zero added sugar (or very low amounts of added sugar) and one that is only 1 ingredient (coconut water).  The best kind comes straight from the shell (young Thai coconuts) or comes in a clear bottle from Sprouts or Whole Foods. These bottles can get pretty pricey, but it’s worth it for the quality and nutritional integrity. You can use the rest of the bottle for smoothies or drink it cold as-is! Real coconut water tastes AMAZING. 




Nutrition Facts

Calories 134

Protein 3.7g

Carbs 30g

Fat 1.1g

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