Sunset Smoothie

Smoothies are the go-to quick snack but you can also make it a bit more exciting by trying different combinations. I love to make my smoothies look exciting especially if I share them with a friend and colorful smoothies also are a kid's favorite (I would leave out the turmeric if you make it for kids or add some honey as their taste buds might not like the little kick the turmeric adds). This gradient-colored smoothie is full of nutritious ingredients. If you try to add a little more veggies to your diet, skip the raspberries and add a small amount of beet instead for color. Beet and turmeric are highly inflammatory foods and can support a healthy immune system and promote recovery. 

Sunset Smoothie

Recipe makes 1 serving

Time: 5 minutes


1 frozen Banana

1 scoop TRU Protein Powder (I used Banana Maple Muffin)

1/2 inch of fresh Turmeric Root, peeled

1 tbsp Almond Butter

3/4 cup Plant Milk, unsweetened

1-2 cups of Ice Cubes

1/2 cup Raspberries, frozen or fresh

1/4 cup pink Dragonfruit, frozen


1) Add frozen banana, turmeric, ice cubes, plant milk, almond butter and TRU Protein Powder into a high speed blender and blend using a tamper to get a thick and smooth texture. Scoop out 1/3 of the smoothie and put aside.

2)  Add Raspberries and blend again until smooth. Put half of the smoothie left in the blender aside. If you prefer you can use a little bit of beet for color instead of the raspberries.

3) Add pink frozen dragon fruit and blend until smooth.

4) In a glass add the mixture with the dragon fruit first, then add the raspberry mixture, and then the plain banana/turmeric mixture. You can leave it in layers or stir it softly a few times for a more gradient look. Enjoy!


1 serving:

439 calories

28 g protein

55g carbs (27 g of sugar from fruit)

13.6g fat

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