Raspberry BCAA Refresher

When it is hot outside I am always craving fruit and cold drinks. I like my drinks sweet and light so using the TRU BCAA as a sweetener is not only giving you the benefits of the supplement but also a simple way to make a flavorful drink. Raspberries are some of my favorite berries and combined with mint and iced, the flavor is so refreshing and fruity. Perfect poolside drink if you ask me! Give it a try!

Raspberry BCAA Refresher

Recipe makes 1 serving

Time: 10


1/2 cup Raspberries

2 tbsp Lime Juice

1 scoop TRU Guava BCAA

8 Mint leaves



1) In a bowl add raspberries, lime juice and mint leaves. With a fork mash everything together and strain after to be left with only the puree/juice. (If you have bar equipment, a muddler will be super useful for the mashing part)

2) In a shaker bottle add the puree, 12 oz of water and 1 scoop of Guava BCAA and mix.

3) Serve over ice with a few raspberries and mint leaves in a glass.


1 serving 

37 Calories

1 g protein

9 g carbs (2.5 g of sugar from fruit)

0 g fat

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