PB&J Layered Cream Dessert

Recipe by Cornelia Sabrina,  @Cornelia_Sabrina on IG

Peanut butter is such a typical American treat. I remember that it was impossible to get it in my home country when I grew up and even now it is not as easy to find as you may think. When I was a kid my sister went to Canada through school and she brought the famous PB&J sandwich to our house. Funny enough, I disliked it. It was not like anything I have ever had before. Now, that I live here for many years already, I am definitely hooked on that combination. And who doesn't like a creamy dessert? Not me, the creamier the better.


PB&J Layered Cream Dessert

Recipe makes 1 serving 

Time: 10 minutes



1 cup Strawberries, ripe so they are naturally sweet

1/2 tbsp Chia Seeds

Lemon Juice from 1 quarter Lemon

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 cup Almond Yogurt, unsweetened

1/2 scoop TRU PB&J Protein

1 tbsp Peanut Butter


1) Chop the strawberries to small pieces.

2) Heat a pan to medium heat and cook the strawberries until they release liquid. Add lemon juice and vanilla extract. Add chia seeds and cook until jam is thickening. Let cool completely.

3) Mix almond yogurt, TRU protein powder and peanut butter until smooth and combined.

4) In a serving glass or small bowl layer both, the cream and the homemade jam, starting with cream and finishing with cream.

5) Top with roasted peanut pieces if you like a little crunch.


1 serving 

444 Calories

23.5 g protein

29 g carbs (10.5 g of sugar from fruit)

29 g fat

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