Dulce De Leche Dip

If you are fan of quick snack recipes then this is for you. It can be easily prepared in the mornings to take to work with you or just mix it up freshly and eat it right away. Full of good fats, protein and delicious caramel flavor, this will be your new favorite go to. You can dip any fruit you have at hand but apple is my personal go to for the extra crunch. If you are using a different nut butter you might need to add a few drops of stevia or a teaspoon of honey/maple syrup to compensate for the sweetness the TRU nut butter has. Enjoy!

Dulce De Leche Dip

Recipe makes 1 servings

Time: 5 minutes


2 tbsp TRU Nut Butter

1/3 cup Plant Milk, unsweetened

1 scoop TRU Dulce De Leche Protein

1 Apple, sliced

1 tsp Lemon Juice, (optional)


1) Mix nut butter with plant milk until smooth. 

2)  Add protein powder gradually and whisk well until all lumps are gone. If you would prefer a thicker texture you can make this ahead of time, it will thicken if it sits. You can also add a teaspoon of protein or a teaspoon of plant milk at a time to reach the desired consistency. 

2) Slice the apple and remove the seeds. Toss in lemon juice if you make this ahead of time and want to prevent the apples from browning. Enjoy!


1 serving:

397.3 calories

26.3 g protein

38.4 g carbs (19.9 g of sugar from fruit)

15 g fat

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