The Coconut Stack

$164.99 USD

This is my Coconut Stack, the products I recommend EVERYONE use for this program, if they want the absolute best results.

🌱 This stack includes:

 1 TRU Protein

 1 TRU Energy

 1 TRU BCAA 30 Serving Passion Fruit

 1 TRU Vitamin


Plant Protein - designed to help recover from my workouts and boost micronutrients with 20 Gm of protein and 27 vitamins and minerals.

BCAA’s - used to also help me recover from my workouts as well as has 1200 mg of L-carnitine that helps burn fat and stay lean.

Energy - helps give that extra boost of energy and motivation on those days when you feel tired. It also has several ingredients to help improve your performance during your workout.

Vitamin - used daily to help make sure you get all the necessary micronutrients to maximize your metabolic potential.


🌱 When to use:

Before workout -

1 scoop of TRU Energy in 8-10oz water to help kickstart your workout.

During workout -

1 Scoop of BCAA’s
in 12-20oz water in your shaker cup to help maximize endurance and jumpstart on the muscle repair process.

After workout -

TRU Protein to repair my muscles after my workout. Use the protein serving size called for in your plan!

With Lunch or Midday meal -
take Vitamin with a large glass of water with your first intake of food.