TRU Training - 2024 Train Like Me - Phase 1

TRU Training - 2024 Train Like Me - Phase 1

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What You Get: 

  • 30 day challenge with expert-designed workout programming 
  • Easy-to-follow holistic nutrition plans help you burn fat and build muscle
  • Get day-by-day coaching emails and personal feedback from me in our community forum. 
  • Our guided tutorials will show you the how and the why behind every exercise. It’s like having your own personal coach!
  • Progressive, challenging workouts using DNS and PRI develop the muscles, joints, and nervous system to improve your strength and speed. 
  • This is a gym oriented program. All fitness levels welcome!

Spaces Are Limited

Purchase this Single Challenge to participate in our 2024 New Year Challenge - full month of exercise & movement programming, nutrition guidance, community support, and more!