Recipe Corner: Orange Carrot Popsicles

April 28, 2022

Recipe Corner: Orange Carrot Popsicles

Let's make some popsicles for the kids (but let's be honest, we also love them). There is nothing better after playing outside than a popsicle. But what's even better than the sugar syrup loaded artificially flavored and colored pops you are used to are these nutrient packed hydrating popsicles. You definitely don't have to feel bad giving this to your kids and the best of all is, you can sneak some veggies in with the carrots. Just call it orange popsicles and it is fair game for the little ones!

Orange Carrot Popsicles

Recipe makes 6 servings

Time: 5 minutes active


1 cup fresh pressed Orange Juice

1 cup fresh pressed Carrot Juice

1/2 scoop TRU Hydrate Orange Soda


1) Add all ingredients into a shaker bottle and mix. Let sit for a few minutes so the air bubbles can release.

2) Pour into a 6 piece popsicle mold and freeze for half a day or over night.


1 serving:

33 calories

0.7 g protein

7.8 g carbs (5.7 g of sugar from fruit)

0 g fat

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