Recipe Corner: Cookie Dough Milkshake

January 18, 2022

Recipe Corner: Cookie Dough Milkshake

Recipe by Cornelia Sabrina,  @Cornelia_Sabrina on IG

If you remember the raw cookie dough recipe that was posted a while back, it is time to bring it back! In a milk shake! We all like a little treat occasionally. You can of course keep this in line with your goals if you choose a healthier alternative to standard vanilla cream that is stevia sweetened or uses less sugar, but we also have to live a little. You find the recipe to the cookie dough below. This is best prepared in advance to making the shake to give you enough time to freeze it.


Cookie Dough Milk Shake

Recipe makes 1 serving

Time: 10 minutes (+1 hour or over night freezing time)


1/4 cup TRU Cookie Dough (see recipe linked above)

1/4 cup Vanilla Ice Cream 

2 cups Plant Milk

1 scoop TRU Dulce De Leche Protein

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 cup Ice Cubes


1) Wrap cookie dough in plastic wrap and press flat. Freeze for 1 hour or overnight. Once it is more firm, chop it in to smaller bits that will fit through a thick straw.

2) In a high speed blender add ice cubes, plant milk, protein powder and vanilla extract and blend on high until smooth.

3)  In a mason jar or a big glass add the ice cream, some of the cookie dough pieces and add the shake. Top with coconut whipped cream (optionally) and the rest of the cookie dough pieces.

4) Enjoy!


1 serving  :

353 calories

33.4 g protein

29.6 g carbs (6 g of sugar)

14.2 g fat

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